Xiaomi CyberOne: Humanoid robot should always learn new things thanks to machine learning

Xiaomi not only introduced the new Foldable Mix Fold 2, but also the humanoid robot called “CyberOne”. The latter should focus on machine learning. In a video, the Chinese manufacturer shows how this should work. For example, if CyberOne repeatedly hits the ground running when it first tries to walk, it appears significantly more mobile as the learning process progresses.

However, as is so often the case with such robot concepts, it is unclear how far Xiaomi will go there actually is with the development. The whole thing seems to be more of an idea than a real product. Xiaomi also realistically states that there is still a long way to go and that they only want to indicate what they are aiming for. In any case, the prototype should be 1.52 m tall and 52 kg.

Sure, a nice idea, but it’s not realistic at all. Or what do you say about CyberOne?

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