Withings Health Mate: If the connection to Apple Health no longer works

Here you read a niche news for people who use the app Withings Health Mate and information from this app in Apple want to get health. This has only worked sporadically or not at all for some time now – and Withings has already communicated this. This annoys me in connection with my smart scales. I can see all the information in the Withings Health Mate app, but not in Apple Health, which I prefer. I went through my solution with our co-author Oliver Posselt and lo and behold – it worked for both of us.

Not entirely by itself, but still. If you know the problem and want to fix it somehow: In the Apple Health settings, make sure that Health Mate is not allowed to read data – but write it. Of course, only makes sense if Health Mate isn’t your main app for health things. After that, Health Mate opens and lets it pull current data – after a few minutes, the data should also be running in Apple Health for you. The only important thing to know in the future is that Withings Health Mate must have pulled your current data – this is best achieved by starting the app.

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