Windows XP: System wasn't a big fan of Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation

Funny story that Raymond Chen shared there on Microsoft’s developer blog. Anyone who knows how resonant frequencies work will probably nod in understanding. One of mine had never heard of the problem described at the time. At the time, a large computer manufacturer contacted Windows XP product support and reported that various laptop models had crashed during operation when the music video of Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” was being played.

The problem was investigated, which showed that devices from other manufacturers also had the give up mind. This even went so far that the system of a laptop that had not played the video itself, but was in the immediate vicinity of a playing laptop, crashed. And what was the reason in the end? Exactly: resonance frequencies. The song turned out to contain one of the natural resonant frequencies for the 5400 RPM model of laptop hard drives that these units and those of other manufacturers used. The solution was then a software solution in the form of an audio filter that recognized and removed the interfering frequencies during audio playback.

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