UniFi Protect AI Theta: Surveillance cameras with narrow dimensions are to come

In recent years, the quality of security cameras has increased significantly improved. Various cameras are often one thing: not a feast for the eyes. Ubiquiti has therefore worked to bring security cameras to the market in a new design and form factor. In the form of a teaser, there is already a glimpse of what was meant by the concept of “Theta”. The first cameras of this type will soon be available via the Early Access program.

As with his other security cameras, I have already told you about the UniFi Protect series in numerous articles brought closer, Ubiquiti also relies on Power-over-Ethernet for Theta. Means Ethernet cabling is sufficient, the power comes when connected to the appropriate switch via the Ethernet cable.

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Theta itself will then be available with different lenses, from the telephoto lens to the 405-Grad optics The special feature: the diameter is only 22 millimeters and the camera can be built flush into the wall or ceiling, so only the lens goes into the wall, the main unit with it all of the technique can also add up to 08 meters away. This makes the Theta cameras for UniFi Protect very compact and therefore unobtrusive. The swivel mount allows a flexible viewing angle.

UniFi Protect AI Theta relies on a 4K resolution. Here you want to come up with a high frame rate and dynamic range. You also praise it I like the lens dewarping and AI analytics I like UniFi Protect’s people detection already quite good and the smart detections (persons, vehicles, etc.) work almost flawlessly. With Theta, however, they want to further expand their capabilities, more in the direction of a business application. Among other things, there should be a presence counter and more.

The audio module is also optional. Loudspeakers and microphones can therefore be installed separately. The software is based on what is known from UniFi Protect – remote access etc. Let’s see how flexible the solution will actually be and what the different Theta cameras for UniFi Protect will cost.

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