Telegram: New update addresses premium users

Telegram gave the instant messaging service a major update last month. From now on, premium users will particularly benefit from the new functions, but Telegram Premium cannot (officially) still be booked in Germany. The workaround has long since been stopped, and a number from abroad is now required. The reasons for this step are still not known, but with its latest update, Telegram is once again providing premium users with new functions. Even if those are not officially available in this country, we still take a look at them. Telegram founder Durov wasn’t exactly thrilled that Apple was taking its time to release the update, but now the new Telegram update is officially available – although Apple “watered down the update”, according to Durov.

Telegram is now providing an open emoji platform. Anyone can provide new emoji packs there for premium users. The new emojis are animated and can be used for text messages and media captions alike. Telegram Premium users get access to 10 customized at launch Emoji packs that currently already include 12 premium emoji. More are to follow. Telegram has revised the emoji panel for this purpose. The new emojis can also be found in the suggestions.

Become emojis sent in a single chat, there is access to various interactive variants. They can play synchronized full-screen effects with a tap. If you have already been offered, now the whole thing is also available for the custom emoji packages.

In addition to the new emoji panel, there is also a new sticker panel for iOS users separate tabs for stickers, GIFs and emojis. Is already known from Android as well as the desktop and web versions.

Unfortunately (at least for the time being) also reserved for premium users: privacy settings for voice messages. Those who pay for Telegram can choose who can send voice and video messages (“Everyone”, “My Contacts” or “Nobody”). As usual with the other options, exceptions can also be set here: certain people or groups of users can be selected in this way, who are then never or always allowed to send voice messages.

Do you want other users with you a premium subscription, this can now also be given as a gift. A user’s profile can be used to provide them with a prepaid subscription for 3, 6 or 12 Supply months (with discounted price), the user will be informed via a gift message.

All users benefit from new interactive emojis, for premium users these can also be selected as reactions to a message.

You see, this update is all about the “emojis”. Telegram’s plans with “Telemoji” were probably even more far-reaching. Apple has removed the higher-resolution, vector-animated versions of the standard emoji, Durov said. That’s how you came up with the idea of ​​adding custom emojis. These should soon also be available as a reaction or as the current status. According to Durov, this is “first available for premium subscribers”, so it can be assumed that it will also be made available to “normal users” in the future. However, the changelog basically shows that this is Telegram’s new way of primarily and exclusively supplying the premium users, because people without a subscription are looking down the drain.

Without it However, you can join our blog chat on Telegram for a subscription fee.

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