Reptile on Moon? UFO hunter claims reptilian sighting on Moon

News about unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and alleged alien structures or alien-like figurines are not uncommon, but now a new piece of information suggests that there could be a reptile on the Moon or at least a reptilian structure or figure carved out on the surface of the moon.

According to, there is a possible ‘reptilian intelligent species’ made or carved out or drawn in a crater impact area on Earth’s moon. While we definitely do not take this piece of ‘misinformation’ seriously, we are reporting it to show how imagination goes wild when it comes to space and space objects.

According to the author of the piece – “The reptilian looks intelligent, the teeth are so small I don’t notice them, but its mouth is open, its tongue is huge and curved as if for speech. It has smaller upper arms and larger lower legs, but its thick tail really sets it apart. That tail really screams out reptilian species.”

The author of story goes on to elaborate a little more about the origin of life on Earth – specifically reptiles and how the reptilians had a role to play in dominance of reptiles on Earth millions of years ago – “they were an experiment created by the Reptilians to teach them about earliest evolution of themselves.”

Taking liberty of extrapolating from reptiles to humans, the author claims that “the color of our skin did not arrive over a few thousands of years. It’s from the stars.”

Grain of Salt! Remember.

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