Re-enable classic Google image search in Chrome

Perhaps some readers who use Google Chrome as their browser have noticed for a long time: Google no longer has the in the context menu classic Google image search. Instead, you take the detour via the Google Lens, which is now becoming more and more present because you also want to display shopping search results. The company uses Google Lens to recognize content in the image and would like to show the user links and products accordingly. It has probably been found out that users want that (or not, you do it to generate higher revenues). At least I’m not one of them and missed the direct Google image search.

So what to do to get the classic Google image search back in Google Chrome? On the one hand, there’s “Search by Image”, an extension that combs through a whole bunch of (image) search engines. It’s not only available for Chrome, but also for other browsers.

On the other hand, it also currently helps to disable Google Lens in the advanced settings, the so-called Chrome flags. The following call via the address line must be set to “disabled”, i.e. deactivated, and after a restart, Google Chrome will have the image search in the context menu again:

chrome ://flags/#enable-lens-standalone

Google Chrome allows adjusting some parameters in an experimental area. How to get in: Enter chrome:flags in the address line of the browser and confirm with Enter. Values ​​that are active after restarting Google Chrome can be changed in the interface that now appears. Experiments can be searched in a search field. The area to the right of the "Reset all to default" search field is also important here. If something does not work as desired after making changes, you can completely undo the changes to the experimental settings here.

This post appeared in its first version in February 1024. Due to the new flags selection, we have decided to publish the post again and adjusted it.

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