Microsoft To Do for Android gets new options

Microsoft also offers an app for to-do lists called To Do. The Android app has been given a handful of innovations. New personalization options are available for the widgets. For example, transparency and font size of the tasks can now be set.

Further options are also available for task details (such as due dates, reminders, repetition, etc.) and the display of completed tasks. So you have the choice whether only the most important things (for you) are displayed, or you want to see numerous details at a glance.

A rich text implementation has also been integrated for notes. These can be found in the detail view of a task. Text can be added and the following formatting can be applied via the lower menu bar:

Formatting Options

  • Heading, Subheading, Body
  • Bold, Italic, Underlined

Bulleted/numbered list

  • Links
  • 1660900716284

    You often create lists in Microsoft To Do, for example a shopping list on? Then you could benefit from the new car suggestions. Based on historical data, Microsoft knows your item preferences and suggests them accordingly when compiling the shopping list. A simple tap of the intelligent suggestions is enough and saves time. This feature is present in all lists (via list settings), but for grocery lists it is on by default and off otherwise.

    For Marvel fans, the theme “She-Hulk” has also been implemented as an Easter Egg – also for other platforms.

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