Microsoft Office for iOS: These are the innovations

Microsoft has updated its mobile office apps for iPad and iPhone. For me, the Office package is still one of the reasons that make the desktop obsolete for me – so innovations are always welcome, even if they are not that lavish and there is still a lot missing.

So the new update of the PowerPoint app has the possibility to highlight text in color. The marking function is possible, regardless of whether the text is within a text box or a table on the PowerPoint slide. Accordingly, it is now also possible to remove marked text passages – this was also not possible before if it was added on other devices. So far only possible for Office Insiders (Version 2.63), but should soon be distributed to other users as well

Highlight text feature in PowerPoint for the iPad.

For the Excel app you have 14 added new functions to change table entries. Including for texts: TEXTBEFORE, TEXTAFTER, TEXTSPLIT and for arrays: EXPAND, TAKE, DROP, VSTACK, HSTACK, CHOOSEROWS, CHOOSECOLS, TOROW, TOCOL, WRAPROWS and WRAPCOLS.

Probably the most exciting new feature accrues to the Office mobile app. It now supports Apple’s Scribble mode. From now on you can also add handwritten text to documents, spreadsheets and presentations within Office Mobile. To do this, however, the corresponding mode must be activated in the options in the “Apple Pencil” area.

Demo of the Scribble feature in iOS

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