macOS Ventura: Feature for hiding mail addresses in third-party apps disappears from the website

Some time ago, Apple introduced a feature called “Hide my Mail” that cryptic you with an existing iCloud+ subscription E-mail addresses can be generated, which forward the incoming e-mails to your actual address. This keeps your own e-mail address private, which can be particularly helpful in the case of data leaks, which are not uncommon today. So far, the whole thing has worked in such a way that when you create an account on a website, Safari generates an address directly in the mail field if you wish. With Ventura this should also work in third-party apps, at least that’s what was mentioned on the preview website.

Email address hide in apps

Protect your personal e-mail address with “Hide e-mail address” in third-party apps.

That same mention has disappeared from the US website (via MacRumors) a few days ago. The text is still there on the websites of other countries – including But since Apple is a bit sluggish with the localization update, this could also disappear for us in the next few days. It is currently unclear why Apple took this out. Maybe you can’t keep up with the support of the feature or there are other reasons.

Based on the experiences of the last few years, macOS always appears a little later than the other operating systems. So Apple still has some time.

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