LKA Lower Saxony warns of fake mails from the “federal government”

The State Criminal Police Office of Lower Saxony (LKA) is currently warning of a fake e-mail that supposedly comes from the federal government. The recipient is asked to verify their credit card in order to avoid being blocked. In truth, of course, only criminals want your data.

Of course it’s a crude matter anyway, because the federal government will not be interested in your credit card in case of doubt. Nevertheless, the mail recipient is informed that his card allegedly no longer complies with the PSD2 guidelines of the European Union. Therefore he has to 31 until 31. August 2022 verify his card, otherwise he would no longer be able to use it. Of course, there is a corresponding link in the respective email, which leads to a manipulated website. The only purpose of that is to steal data.

Who enters their data , will later be redirected to a real website of the federal government, so that a serious impression is created. At the end of the day, those who have been cheated can only be advised to contact the bank that issued the card immediately. The card should be blocked. The LKA Lower Saxony also recommends filing a report with the local police or the respective online police station.

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