LG Display is planning a 20-inch diagonal OLED panel for 2022

LG Display is said to have another surprise up its sleeve for 2022: According to South Korean media, the company will supply a 20 inch diagonal OLED panel to its partners. It is not clear in which products it could be used. LG Display only speaks in general terms of the market for “personal displays”, it is said.

LG Display is also said to have stated that gamers are still being taken into account in development and that the enormous demand is being noticed. The goal is therefore to further optimize input lag and response times. In addition, they are still working on flexible OLED technology, in which an unspecified customer has a particular interest.

As a dig at Samsung’s QD-OLED, it is still stated that flexible OLED panels only possible with LG displays W-OLEDs, since they only need one glass substrate – with the QD-OLEDs there are two. Another view: LG Display wants 2022 to present an even larger, transparent OLED screen – with 77 inch diagonal . At the moment 55 customs have reached their peak of feelings.

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