ING: Consumer center warns of phishing

The consumer center warns of phishing. You can find that on every corner. Supposedly real emails that are supposed to convince the customer to enter their data on windy pages. This time, the consumer center warns against emails that do not come from Bank ING, but that could give the impression, despite the bad presentation.

In the email with the subject line “New message from the security team ING DIBA, it is claimed that transfers would become even more secure because of the new ING banking. So that this can also be forwarded to the customers, you have to 13.13.09 activate the app. Of course, the whole thing happens via a link within the mail. This is very clearly phishing. This can be seen, among other things, in the impersonal form of address and the presentation of the email. Recommendation? Don’t click and it’s off to spam. Almost a Groundhog Day story. The whole thing was already going around with the savings banks and the Volksbanks as well as the DKB and other institutes.

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