Headspace Health Acquires Mental Wellness App Shine

Headspace Health has announced the acquisition of Shine, a mental wellness app that offers daily meditation, self-care courses, and personalized support for a diverse user base. The app’s creators, Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi, will take on leadership roles in Headspace Health’s marketing and product teams.

Headspace will integrate Shine’s content into its products, including its in-app experiences, Leadership Workshop Series, and webinars. Terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed. Shine’s mission of spreading mental health will continue. The acquisition will not affect clients immediately, but Glass anticipates improved services down the road.

Shine was founded out of frustration and the need to create a tool that would empower people to process, cope, and heal. The app currently has 6 million subscribers. The majority of these users are BIPOC and LGBTQIA+, and the platform’s content aims to promote mental health for underrepresented communities.

Headspace Health has acquired Shine in a bid to consolidate the mental wellness app market. The company plans to build a broader ecosystem that combines prevention, awareness, and clinical care. This includes artificial intelligence (AI) and data science to create a more personalized experience for users. The merger will result in greater access to mental health care and help for people across the globe.

Shine is a mobile mental wellness app that offers meditation videos, virtual community workshops, and self-care. The company’s founders and CEOs will join Headspace as members of the company’s marketing and product teams. In addition, the company will bring their engineers and Client Success leaders. Shine’s staff will continue to work on the app and the co-founders will transition to Headspace’s leadership positions.

Headspace Health has also acquired AI-powered mental wellness startup Sayana. The acquisition of Sayana, based in San Francisco, will add AI capabilities and help personalize its services. After the merger, Headspace Health will be able to offer its users personalized self-care programs based on their mood trends. The company has raised more than $400 million and has major investors, including Blackstone. It plans to hire up to 150 employees this year.

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