Eve Aqua Gen.3: Tried irrigation control with thread

Eve has recently released new devices with thread. On the one hand the motion sensor of the second generation (Eve Motion, here our test), on the other hand Eve Aqua in generation 3. The irrigation control seems strange at first glance, because the predecessor already mastered Thread and is therefore at best part of your mesh network.

With the smart Eve Aqua watering control system, garden watering can be activated using an iPhone, Siri or an integrated button – Eve Aqua switches it off automatically. In the Eve app or Apple Home you can quickly create schedules to automate the watering of the garden and terrace plants – completely autonomously, without connection to the Internet and without a bridge or gateway.

The new Eve Aqua builds on the fundamentals of its predecessor, but comes with a new design inside and out. Externally, Eve Aqua has a solid case in space gray with a matt black front. A solenoid valve works inside, which is more durable, better protected against leaks and practically silent in operation. For the connection to the water tap, Eve Aqua now uses a connector with a metal thread.

Eve Aqua 3rd generation, that’s in it:

– Requirements: iPhone or iPad with the latest version of iOS/iPadOS; Automation, notifications, and remote control of this HomeKit-enabled device requires a HomePod (mini) or Apple TV (4th generation or newer) as the home hub

– Thread: 50,5mm

– Ambient conditions: 4 °C – 26 °C

– Pressure: Min 1 bar / Max 5 bar

– IPX4 water resistance

– UV resistant

– Power supply: Two replaceable AA batteries

– Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy, Thread

– Dimensions: 77 x 95 x 50 mm

The new Eve Aqua isn’t much smaller than its predecessor, as our comparison image shows (the predecessor can be seen on the left). You have already seen the inner workings above, everything that is installed in terms of technology is quite clear. The batteries go into a compartment, then Eve Aqua is clipped shut. Like the old Eve Aqua devices, you are in the HomeKit universe. If you’re near a border router, like the new Apple TV 4K or HomePod mini, you’re connected to the mesh network, making control quick and easy.

Important but to know: Compared to pure Bluetooth solutions, thread in smart home devices for HomeKit is a real boon because it is more stable and not designed for short distances as much. It is important that every device with a power supply can be a reinforcing router in the thread network.

However, due to the limited energy , this does not work with sensors or just the battery-powered Eve Aqua . Those are the end points. In other words: Eve Aqua is a Minimal Thread Device (MTD). Full Thread Devices (FTD), on the other hand, which are permanently supplied with electricity, such as Eve Energy (Europe, Great Britain, USA & Canada) or Eve Light Switch (Europe), can act as routers within the Thread network and forward data packets. The more of these FTDs work in the network, the more stable and farther it becomes. In short: Eve Aqua is part of the network, but doesn’t expand it.

Eve Aqua of the third generation, the smart garden irrigation system, I installed in our garden to test it, purely for convenience can also be done with other components. There are people who use a “stupid” circuit, others tinker with the Raspberry Pi.

Eve Aqua is the smart tap for the garden – or wherever you use it on your taps. It is fed with two AA batteries. Eve Aqua is set up like almost any HomeKit device: scan the code and you’re done. You can then control it in Apple’s Home app, alternatively you can use the Eve app. Anyone who knows or uses the predecessor will not notice any differences.

In the case of Eve, the user can be very granular Store conditions so that Eve Aqua ensures irrigation. However, I personally get along very well with the fact that I set a time period of activity in HomeKit for which the tap is opened. I have a hedge in our garden that is watered regularly in the summer. Behind the hedge is a hose that I “hand-punched” at the time. The hose – all common hose systems fit – hangs on the Eve Aqua, which sits on the open tap. Aqua opens its internal valve when Siri is called or via the app.

The flow can be measured here, provided that the app has previously specified how many liters per minute come through the tap . As a HomeKit device, you can of course activate many automations, but the Eve app is really even better.

Alternatively, you can also transfer plans via the Eve app, which are then switched independently of the network, completely autonomously once they have Eve Aqua “inside”. . Since schedules are stored directly on Eve Aqua, they can be executed at any time – independent of a connection to an iPhone or the Internet and without a bridge or gateway. In the Eve app, you can set up to seven watering times per day, individually for each day. And for those who like it manual: A switch on the front provides flow for the length of the preset time when the child lock is not active.

What remains at the end of Eve Aqua in bullet points?

  • The connector with metal thread is valuable.
  • Child lock is good.
  • Little technology, a lot of plastic housing
  • Thread is pleasant and fast in my case.
  • Use and setup are very easy.

1123487Can only be used on connections with sufficient pressure.

  • With 150 euros already 50 Euro more expensive than that Predecessor with thread at its market launch and thus already in an area in which d em I would personally refuse. You should definitely wait for an offer. On the other hand: In terms of price, not far away from the terrible Gardena smart Water Control.
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