DHL Paket will increase prices for its business customers from January 1, 2023

Prices for private customers have already been adjusted upwards by DHL Paket, now business customers are affected. DHL Paket describes it this way: The pricing measure includes a significant increase in the base price and includes two new surcharges. From 2023 there will be a variable energy surcharge and a peak surcharge in times of particularly high parcel volume, as is already common in the market.

For security To counter fluctuations in energy costs, an indexed energy surcharge will be introduced on the base price of various products from January 1 2023. The amount of the surcharge is determined monthly based on the price development of diesel, gas and electricity. The three components are weighted on the basis of the energy mix of an average shipment. DHL Paket will charge a peak surcharge of 0.19 per shipment from next year, i.e. heavy traffic 2023, exclusively in the months of November and December.

Reasons for this are high, necessary investments in the company’s own infrastructure, high personnel costs and higher purchase prices. According to the company, part of the price increase is also an adjustment of the toll and CO2 surcharge. This increases by EUR 0.01 per shipment due to rising toll rates and higher CO2 prices/ton.

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