Dental Care: Is It Attainable to Floss Your Enamel Too Usually?

Woman Flossing Teeth

Flossing your enamel is one factor you are able to do to guard your oral well being. It’s a kind of duties persons are speculated to do however usually don’t. However why is it vital? Flossing removes meals particles and plaque from between the enamel and under the gum line the place a toothbrush can’t attain. Eradicating the stuff your toothbrush can’t attain can prevent costly dental payments later.

Flossing might assist forestall cavities, periodontal illness, and even gingivitis — all of which may result in different well being points down the highway in case you allow them to fester. Flossing is a vital a part of your oral well being routine, however have you ever ever puzzled how usually it’s best to floss and in case you can floss an excessive amount of?

How Many Instances Ought to You Floss Every day?

Flossing as soon as per day is the advice of most dentists and the American Dental Affiliation. Dental well being professionals say it’s best to brush twice per day to take away plaque and meals particles that may trigger dental caries and gum illness. As acknowledged, the additional benefit of flossing is that it removes the plaque and trapped meals particles between your enamel that your toothbrush can’t.

However what in case you’re a bit compulsive and wish to floss a number of occasions per day? Is there hurt in doing so? When you’re utilizing the proper flossing approach, there’s little danger of flossing greater than as soon as per day. Nonetheless, there’s additionally little additional benefit to flossing extra usually and potential downsides. When you don’t know the best way to floss appropriately, extra frequent flossing can irritate your gums and trigger discomfort. So, in case you floss each time you sweep, do it appropriately.

Man Flossing Teeth

Right here’s the best way to floss appropriately:

  • Use waxed or unwaxed floss — both will work high quality. Select the one which feels most snug for you. When you have braces, waxed floss is greatest because it’s much less prone to get caught on the wires.
  • Wrap a chunk of floss round every center finger or use a floss holder if in case you have bother holding the floss.
  • Grasp each ends of the floss between your thumbs and forefingers. Gently work the floss right into a “C” form along with your fingers, ensuring you’ve about 5 inches of floss on both facet of the tooth you’re flossing.
  • Transfer the floss up and down between every tooth, sliding it beneath the gum line as you progress from tooth to tooth. Use a delicate back-and-forth movement for about 15 seconds per tooth, or longer if wanted.
  • Watch out to not snap or tug in your gums.
  • When you really feel ache or discomfort when flossing your enamel, cease instantly.

Ought to You Floss Earlier than or After Brushing?

There’s no set rule on whether or not to floss earlier than or after brushing. Nonetheless, one research discovered that flossing earlier than brushing has benefits. Flossing loosens plaques and meals particles from between enamel, so the toothbrush can whisk them away. However in case you want to floss after brushing, it’s not a foul factor and gained’t harm your enamel or gums.


Flossing is one other step to guard your oral well being. It’s straightforward to neglect about it whenever you’re in a rush, but it surely’s one thing it’s best to do every day. Even in case you floss usually, see your dental and dental hygienist at the very least each six months for knowledgeable cleansing and check-up. It may prevent money and time later. Though a minority of consultants say there’s inadequate proof to assist the advantages of flossing, an absence of proof doesn’t imply it’s not helpful. So, don’t skip this vital step!


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