Cobra Kai Season 5 Official Trailer

Cobra Kai is a shining example of how talented writers can make it with respect for an older brand able to heave them into the modern age. On the one hand, the series perfectly follows the fate of the characters from “The Karate Kid” and continues their stories logically with the original actors, but also introduces interesting new characters – without dismantling the old heroes. Netflix has now released the official trailer for Season 5.

The trailer was already out last week, but since it’s my current favorite series, I still wanted it with a post on appreciate a sleepy Monday morning. If you’re only marginally interested in “The Karate Kid” and/or are looking for a series with lots of humor, drama and a little bit of action, then definitely give “Cobra Kai” a chance. Especially since the makers resist the trend that everything on Kram must be politically correct and presented with a raised index finger.

Rather one shows e.g. B. In the series quite organically as part of the story actors of different ethnic origins. This is not proudly pointed out, however, so that the viewer applauds it. Warning: Of course, the trailer for Season 5 of “Cobra Kai” contains spoilers for previous seasons. If you want to take a fresh look at the series, you’d better skip it.

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