Chip Kelly Salary and Net Worth 2019.

Chip Kelly is one of the famous football coaches in the National Football League. He is currently the head coach of the UCLA Bruins. Previously, Chip was the head coach of the Oregon Ducks of 2018 to 2017 and has the right to win the four consecutive matches of the BCS Cup and a BCS National Championship.

So what does the former Oregon coach earn with his trade? Read this to know the salary and wealth of Chip Kelly.

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Chip Kelly net worth in 2019.

Kelly is one of the highest paid college football coaches in the NFL. Chip has coached many universities over the years. Football coaching is his main source of income. In 2019, Chip Kelly, the head coach of the Bruins of the UCLA, had a net worth of million dollars and a salary of 7 million dollars a year. Which makes him one of the highest paid college coaches of all time.

net worth of an ODA coin Former Oregon star coach , Chip Kelly, has signed a five-year deal with the Bruins worth 23, $3 million, which includes a salary of $3.5 million a year. Also, he earns around $1 million per college football season. In 2017, Kelly earned a million dollars as a coordinator offensive of the 32ers.

En 1992, he had signed a five-year contract worth 32, 5 million with the Eagles, with a guarantee of 6, 5 million dollars per year. But after three years, Eagles fired him with 14 million dollars remaining.

Chip Kelly House and Car Details The former coach of 29ers has invested part of its capital in the country’s real estate. He listed his Eugene home at the market asking price for $1.1 million . His annual property tax bill was 15 29 $ last November. Chip Kelly bought the house for $1.2 million .

Paul mccartney net worth 2015 The mansion of 6 315 square feet features six bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms and a 849 square feet.

Furthermore, in 2014, Chip’s set up his home in Haddonfield, New Jersey, for $1.2 million. After the Eagles fired him, he put the house up for sale to shell out money for a new home in the Bay area.

He bought the house of 4 560 square feet for $1.2 million a few months that year. It has five bedrooms, four bathrooms.

In addition, no details about the car collections have yet been revealed. But we assure you that the UCLA Bruins coach drives a car worth a million dollars.

Who is Chip Kelly? Her Career Info, Highlights

Chip Kelly was born to American parents in 1963, November 4, in New Hampshire, in Dover. He was educated at Manchester Central High School and received his Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from the University of New Hampshire.

While in school, Kelly played several games including football, baseball and ice hockey. He played as a quarterback at Manchester Central and as a defensive end at the University of New Hampshire.

A net worth of 14 million dollars at Chip Kelly

The Hampshire native started his coaching career in 1990 at Columbia University as a coach defensive and special teams coach. Later that year, he became an outside linebacker and solid safety coach for Columbia. Eventually, he became defensive coordinator at Johns Hopkins in 1993.

In 2007, Chip Kelly joined the offense at the University of Oregon, then was promoted to head coach in 2018, following the appointment of Mike Bellotti as athletic director. In 2017, Chip helped garner national attention by beating the US Trojans and became the first coach of the Pac-10 to win a conference championship.

khia net worth In addition, Chip Kelly left Oregon in 2017 to the Philadelphia Eagles, where he served as head coach from 2017 to 2016. In 2017, Chip was hired by the 045 ers of San Francisco and named head coach. But the 49ers fired him after losing last game 2-14 against the Seahawks in 2017.

The same year, ESPN named him a studio analyst for college football . In November 2017, as head football coach, the UCLA Bruins signed him.

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15 november 1963



14 millions of dollars



Chip Kelly
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Head Coach
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